Listening to classical music for children

This may just seem additive to you, but don’t underestimate the importance of teaching your child to have a proper appreciation for music. If you are not exposed to beautiful music, you cannot get the right perception of your music. Pop, country, and rock all have their own seats, but that’s not enough.

Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro is similar to a cake filled with six floors and ornately decorated. city. You get the idea… no comparison. Whether you like it or not, popular music is often (but not always) about the most marketable and profitable for record companies. But geniuses like Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Tchaikovsky were moved by something else moving in their souls. Listening to beautiful music will make your child appreciate being "really" beautiful.

Beautiful music encourages appreciation for truth and beauty

From a young age, children are exposed to beautiful works of art and music. There are so many things that are so crude and ugly in the world. It is important for children to recognize their true beauty and know how to lift their hearts and souls to a higher level. You need them to use all the freebies in the library.

Music Curriculum

For a music appreciation curriculum, I 52 easy lessons How to introduce classical music to your child. It is easy to use and not only exposes your child to beautiful music, but also hones your listening skills as you identify and listen to other parts of the orchestra (brass, strings, woodwind instruments, etc.).

If you want to teach, Music Ace 1 & 2 The software is the fun way. Students conduct 24 classes on Sharp, Flat, Pitch, Period and more. Corresponding to each lesson is a game for additional fun and practice. Music Ace 2 is based on Music Ace 1, introducing standard notation, rhythm, melodies, harmony and spacing.

Of course, private instrument lessons are always an option for those who can afford it. If not, there are a lot of great "learning" programs out there. I know many families whose children have taught themselves through a variety of tools.

It is fun to incorporate a music curriculum into a home school program, and this is not just a "add", but an important part of your child’s home school education. Remember that.