Music education can save lives!

We all know the importance of music education. It is not surprising that taking music classes will help the child’s development process. Music classes help develop speaking and reading skills. Children who study music improve their school performance. They have confidence, training, concentration, memory and better social skills.

Music can save the lives of children who are not suitable for schoolwork in school and have not yet found passion or driving. When a child struggles to find his passion, he often finds himself in a situation that is not ideal. Children have to find something good at a young age "Some children have to move to think"(Dr. Ken Robinson). They can’t be tied to a desk all day. You can learn better with visual examples, audio examples, or better with motor learning. Some students learn better by performing. It is imperative to find a music instructor who understands this.

We have had a lot of students coming to us over the years and we don’t know what they like or what they are good at and we are not doing well at school. They’ve never seen a music class before, and parents are desperate to find something their child might be interested in. Often, when we discover instruments that we think are relevant to our students, we see their personality completely change. When given the opportunity, music helps guide students in the right direction. It’s not about learning songs or skills on an instrument. Music helps to bring a whole new focus to the student’s life as never before. We found a whole change of them. Their focus changes completely. There is a perfect breakthrough!! Students are more positive, active and confident, their grades in school are higher and their interest in school increases. They are more concerned and focused on the future, and often the friends who live with them change even when they are negative.

"Show your friends. I’ll show you your future."

"You are the one you hang out with."

I didn’t hear this when I was growing up, but now I’ve looked back, and after seeing the growth of professors and students over the years, how It’s amazing if it’s true. A great instructor can be this positive role model…this friend.

It is absolutely important that children start looking for what they are good at when they are young. Don’t rely on the school system to find your child’s passion. Parents must play an important role in this process and development. If your son or daughter shows interest in music, attractions, art, movies… feed that passion! You can buy movies or magazines on the subject and take them to the library to find books on what they like or bring them to live shows. Find someone who can coach and further develop in that field.

Finally, it’s hard to believe that your child will be inadequate, unworthy, smart or unsuccessful because his or her school grade is low. It’s a big mistake!!

C There are numerous business owners who have succeeded in sub-average schools, currently running their business very successfully at international and global levels, and A with bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees + There are students.