How to flatten roll-up painting?

Too often we buy art or posters that roll into tubes. Flattening it can be very difficult for someone who hasn’t dealt with the rolled-up artwork. There are many simple techniques you can try in the first place.

1. Place the picture on a flat surface and place a heavy book on it.

2. You can also roll the poster upside down. However, if it’s a canvas you shouldn’t do this process Reverse rolling can damage paint.

One of the most well-known specialty techniques to help flatten a roll-up canvas or poster is humidification. This refers to the process of carefully injecting moisture and then leveling the canvas. This technique is used not only when merging canvases or posters, but also for safely merging old brittle documents. Be very careful with a humidified canvas.

The technique I’m going to describe here is called a humidifying sandwich, and at the same time it helps to humidify and flatten the canvas.

You’ll need the following items. . 2 Acid-free blotting paper larger than the canvas size; 2 plates made of wood, plexiglass or glass; Six chipboards and weights

The steps described below for humidification:

Step 1: Wipe the dirt off the canvas surface. Otherwise, it will settle on the canvas during humidification. You can use a soft brush for this.

Step 2: Place a flat plate of wood, glass or Plexiglas on a flat surface, such as a floor or a tabletop. Put the first chipboard on a flat board.

Step 3: Then take the second chipboard and sprinkle water on one surface. Place this chipboard in a stack with the moist side facing up. Place the dry third chipboard here.

Step 4: Put an oxygen-free blotting paper in this stack. Then put the canvas on this and another blotting paper on it.

Step 5: Now put the 4th dry chipboard on the stack. Take the fifth chipboard, sprinkle water on one surface and place it in a pile with the moist side facing down. Take the last dry cardboard and place it on top.

Step 6: Finally, put the last flat board on the stack and complete the sandwich. And put the same weight on a flat plate.

Storing the canvas in the sandwich above for 48 hours will help it flatten out.

A very old and brittle artwork will be It is best to take it to a professional for flattening and bending.