Remove stretch painting from gator board

These simple instructions will remove the stretched drawing from the Gator Board and leave the board without damage.

First make sure the drawing is bone dry.

The tape is Take a look at the tape to see if you can find an area where there may be some lift/air space in the area where it meets the watercolor paper. I use a strong, but thin bladed kitchen knife. Drill the knife at an angle so that it does not pierce the board. Just by making a small hole, you can gently push the knife under the watercolor paper. Of course, make sure that the blade remains flat with the board so that it does not interfere with the board surface.

w/c If you have the tip of the knife under the paper, you just need to push the knife around the edge of the watercolor paper (the knife is reasonably I like to fasten it to the board low and flat. Envelope knife.

Voila! Now the picture is separated from the board!

Do you remove the tape from the edges of the picture?

You have a few choices.

When you import a picture from the board, some of the stretch tape will still stick to the white margin of the picture (always around the picture). If you don’t like it, you can cut the tape, or just leave it on the edge of the picture for stability. It’s up to you to decide whether to leave the tape on the paper or not. This is your choice.

One thing to consider

Are you using an archive tape? This will affect your decision.

If you are using Lukas Wet Adhesive Tape

The Lukas tape I use is for storage, so it’s not a problem to put it on the edge of the picture.

< If you use p>Brown Gummed Tape,

I know the brown rubber tape that I used is also stored, but unfortunately the tape doesn’t have a brand name or identifiable mark, so the brown rubber tape is I can’t recommend it.

Because I can’t tell you how many brown rubber tapes are available, it’s a good idea to cut the tape off the edge of the white margin around the picture.

On the gator board. How to Remove the Tape

The rest of the tape, of course, is still on the gator board, with the tape side of the board facing down, put the gator board into the bathtub. Leave it on for about a minute, then remove the last part of the tape. Sometimes you may need to use a blunt knife to peel off the stubborn pieces, but it usually comes out without much effort.

Wipe the area where the tape was to wipe off the remaining gum. We don’t want your next picture stuck on the board.

This sounds like it’s related, but it’s actually very straightforward and easy. I’ve detailed it to help you understand all scenarios It’s very logical and easy to do if you try these suggestions.

Now the board is fresh, clean and ready for the next picture. Taking care of the gator board provides years of service. This is a great product.