Checklist for hiring a painting contractor

If you hire a painter, you will surely not get stressed out of home painting work. This decision will make a big difference between painting your home and other home improvement activities. Professional paint work will protect your home or property from harsh weather for years to come. It makes your home more desirable. Don’t forget, paint finish increases property value.

Painting contractors have the skills and experience needed to complete their painting job efficiently and effectively. However, you need to consider carefully to find the right contractor. Refer to the checklist below to hire the right contractor for your painting project.

Checklist for hiring a painting contractor

Painting company

  • Do you have a valid license to do the painting?
  • Do they guarantee their work and products?
  • How long have they been in the painting business?
  • Do they have insurance?
  • Do they subcontract or do everything themselves?


  • What type of product do you use?
  • Do they use safe paint?
  • Do you perform drug testing and identification of employees?
  • Do they adhere to safe painting practices?
  • Do you comply with manufacturer’s recommendations or specifications?
  • Do they comply with industry standards?

Trust and confidence

  • Do they provide written warranties for their work?
  • Do they provide a reference?
  • Do they offer a free quote?
  • Do you perform pre-work checks and measure each job for accurate pricing?
  • Do you have certification?
  • Do they offer written contracts?
  • Do they provide answers to all questions?
  • Do they answer the phone?
  • What association are they members of?
  • Do they have any knowledge of color psychology?
  • Can you suggest another color scheme?

After all these questions have been answered, dig deeper when asking for a reference. Anyone can make a positive comment. Get the last few project details and get some recommendations from clients.

Things to remember

You must get all contracts and contracts in writing. If you think the contract is too bad, something is missing. The contract should include everything: painting, preparation details, paint colors used in different parts of the house, how to protect valuables and plants, how much time it will take to complete the work. When and how to pay, etc.

You need to compare all the details between different painting contractors. Unless they provide in writing, don’t believe everything they say. All in all, you should be comfortable with the contractor you hired. When hiring a painting contractor, every detail matters. It’s not about the price.