Painting-different types of supports for painting

Emulsion support simply refers to a surface on which oil paint can be easily applied. There are many different surfaces that you can use to paint. Anything specific canvas, wood and metal can support oil painting. There are many types of supports to help determine the style of the picture.


Made of flax plant fibers. Then these fibers are made from thread or threaded into a canvas. The fibers are large in shape and very sturdy, making them very comfortable to wear. This type of painting has stood the test of time, which is why linen canvases are preferred among painters.


Yu screen canvas is most respected by beginners. It is a stronger material than linen, it is quite reasonable and has a perfect weave. If you think the noodles are very strong than buying the noodles that are heavily graded. Available in rolls or pre-stretched.

Canvas Pad

Some people are on a tight budget and demand a good quality surface for their paintings. In this case, a canvas pad is the best choice. Available in a variety of sizes and ideal for oil painting starters. They are best for practice while studying. Buy a heavy-weight canvas pad to hold the paint.

Wood panels

The first oil paintings were always formed on wood panels made of oak. The trees were simply covered with animal skin paste and ground made of chalk. This grounding is an ideal smooth surface for oil paint.

The choice of support depends on the style of painting you choose.