Painting with innate passion: not all artists are born

Painting is a form of expression that uses a paint brush to create an image on the canvas. Artists can choose which paint to use. The most popular are watercolors and oil paints.

It is impossible for an artist to create a masterpiece without feeling enthusiasm for his work. The painter must be able to clearly visualize what he wants to express through his paintings and then use his precise and vivid imagination. The ability to express yourself in that way involves talent, not skill. It can be argued that art can be learned through practice. However, the truth is that an individual who does not have a congenital talent for painting and painting, no matter how hard they try to learn this medium of expression, cannot become an outstanding artist. If you evaluate a lot of young children for their imagination, it will be obvious that some of them have very vivid and creative imaginations, while others naturally lack the originality and originality that creative individuals have. If you train children who are less creative and then re-evaluate them; Even after complete and rigorous training, the results will prove that the training will not allow children with less imagination to compete with the gifted.

Only half of artists visualize creative scenarios. The decisive task is to be able to express what you see with the eyes of your mind on paper. To do this, you need to be able to create the right strokes and use the right colors to create a visually appealing picture. Mixing colors precisely to get the right hue is also part of the artist’s skill set. Also, the artist should be able to keep the aspect of the perspective in mind. Perspective is a technique that allows you to give the correct impression of a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface so that the height, width, depth and position are proportional to each other. These are some of the basic skills of a talented artist, you can try to learn it, but you never master it unless you have a natural sense and aptitude for painting.

It’s somewhat to say that all artists were born unborn. It may seem unfair. Without a natural tendency toward art and painting, a person cannot be an artist. But, in fact, simply enrolling in an art school does not allow you to create a masterpiece and become a famous painter. To make a name out of a picture, you must have a fair amount of innate talent.